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When You’re Having a Past Life Memory

Sometimes you might have a past life memory come up on you out of nowhere while other times you might not even be aware that you are having these kinds of memories. Here are some times that your past life memories might be coming to you:

On a Job or Traveling

Maybe you are out and going to a place that you have never been to before. You might even be in a state you have never visited. If you recognize the buildings or if you feel like you know how to get around the city that you have never been then you might be having a past life memory. This can be confusing and exciting.

Sounds and Sights

You could be in a place and then you feel yourself in a different dimension. You might feel like you are watching your life in the movies. When this happens, sometimes the streets might turn into things that you are familiar with that you never have visited in this life. It might have things you experienced thousands of years ago like a farm where you worked at or a war that you were in.

Visiting Museums

When you go to a museum you might be overly excited to see certain exhibits and then out of nowhere you start crying and getting overly emotional. This can be embarrassing, and you might not even understand why but this can be because you know this exhibit in real life.

Shopping at Thrift Stores

You go shopping with your friends and stop at an antique mall down the road. You go to the different objects and then out of nowhere you remember a dish that you had before. You think about it and realize that you have never owned this dish in this life.

Stones and Crystals

You might be someone that is drawn to certain stones or crystals. When you hold them, you feel strong and powerful. You might even have different emotions depending on what stones you are holding.

The Love of History

You look at the newspaper or flip through the channels to come up on the history channel. Even though you have never heard or seen of the place before, you feel connected to it. This could be happening because you have been in that part of history in a past life.

Staying Too Long

You go on a trip, and you visit someplace new. For some reason, you decide that you want to move there without any real reason. You go home and pack so that you can move right away.

Not Staying Long Enough

If you go on vacation and you realize that it is the worse place that you have ever imagined. You don’t like it and you think that even though everyone loves it that you hate it. You get in your car, and you choose to leave and go back home.

Finding Love

Maybe you meet someone at a local restaurant that you have never seen before but you have a strong connection with them. This could be one of your soulmates, especially if you make plans to do something with them later.

Hating Someone for No Reason

Another thing that can happen is that you meet someone and then out of nowhere you don’t like them. This could be a new boss or a neighbor. You have no idea why you don’t like them, but you want to get away from them as fast as you can.

Have you ever had any of these things happen to you? If so, there is more to it than just a feeling or just of disliking someone. Past life regression can bring awareness to things that have happened to you in your past life. If you are confused about your feelings, you might want to try this.

Past life regression doesn’t always help you to figure out where you lived or who you were, but it can help you to understand why you have certain fears or phobias that you cannot explain.

If you feel that you need to have peace from your past life experiences, try to talk to someone so that you can make peace with your past. Getting past life regression can help you to get over experiences, people, things or places that have hurt you or confused you and help to bring healing in your life.

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