Black Sheep in Your Family
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Who is the Black Sheep in Your Family?

When you are someone that is odd or someone that has experienced life in a not so positive way, it can be uncomfortable to be around people, even your family. There are some people that feel like they are not able to be who they really are because of something that they believe in or because they have done behaviors that others might look down on. This can result in the person being a black sheep in the family or even in a friends group.

Who is the Black Sheep?

You can figure out who the black sheep is in the group by the way that people react to their energy. This could be someone that is rejected or excluded when things are planned. This can also be seen by the way the attention turns to that person in a negative way.

Most of the time, you might see that a black sheep gets invited places but that the family or the friend groups basically ignores or avoids the person. Or, if someone makes a complement or comments on something, this is normally not in a nice way.

What Happens When You Are the Black Sheep?

If you are the black sheep, know that there is a right way to handle this situation. You have to understand that there are always going to be people that don’t really like you, that is life. This often happens when someone cannot put themselves in your shoes or when someone doesn’t value who you are.

When someone doesn’t understand you or your actions, it doesn’t mean that they should reject you and if they do, this is their character and not who you are. Here are some ways that you can face this rejection:

Find People That Pick You

Find people in your family or your friends group that want to be around you and want you to be there. If your family is rejecting you, find others that will want to be around you. Let people come into your life that care about you and make you feel that you are a good person.

Think It Over

There will be both good and bad times in your life. These are experiences that don’t have to always make you feel bad for who you are. When negative things come up, turn them into lessons that impact your life in a positive way. Look at the times that are hard and then think of them as memories that you will enjoy later in life.

Be Yourself

No matter what people like or hate about you, be who you are. Some people might want to change so that they will be more accepted, but this is not healthy for you. As you heal from being rejected and being the black sheep, don’t change, just heal. Don’t let others force you to be someone that you aren’t. Don’t apologize for who you are and just be that person.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the idea of being a black sheep cause you to have stress or to be angry. Learn to embrace this title with pride. People that love you will be there for you no matter who and what you are.

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