The Power of Karma
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The Power of Karma

There are right and wrong things and there is a balance. Even if you don’t realize it, karma helps to bring balance in your life. Karma happens when you do an action rather it is a positive or negative action, it attracts the same thing back to you.


Karma isn’t something that you can actually see but you can see the results of it. You can not escape what karma has to bring to you and it is something that helps you to be more human.


No matter what you are doing in your life, the emotions, or the things that you do will come back to you in some way or another. You will see that no matter how you act towards someone that someday something will come back to you. Maybe you go shopping and someone pays for your groceries. This might have happened because you have done something nice for someone else.


Sometimes the reactions that you get have to do with the actions that took place in the past in your life. You might find that since you are doing good things in your life that karma is reacting in a  positive way for you. Karma is there to care for you as you care for others or to give to you how you give to others.

Knowing What to Do

You need to listen to your inner man to know what to do and how to treat others. You have a voice inside of you that will guide you. Even when you are busy and life is hard, the way that you react and the choices that you make are important.

Some people will look at this as the conscious while others will not see it the same and will refer to it as karma. The conscious is how you know the difference between right and wrong and the way that you listen to your conscious is going to result in what karma that you get.

Karma is something that will catch up to you rather in this life or another life. You will get back the same things that you have given to the universe. There is a love that you can make happen in your life or there is something more sinister.

The Cycle

There is a never-ending karmic cycle that is always going on around you. The karmic energy that you build up is going to come back to you at one point or another. You are going to have to face karma no matter what.

Karmic Laws

There are twelve karmic laws that are seen in the world such as the cause and effect, which shows you that whatever you do there will be a reaction to it. Here are some of the other karmic laws:

The Great Law

This law is one that is the cause and effect. This means that you will sow and reap. Whatever you sow will come back to you.

The Law of Creation

This is a law that shows you that you can create things into your life. You can create good things or you can create negative things to come back to you. You are always creating things, and this means that you can benefit from it.

The Law of Humility

This law says that how you treat people will come back to you. If you are kind and humble, you will get this in return. If you are mean, expect that to come back to you.

The Law of Growth

This is a law that says that you can expand your life. You can grow and change and you can end up being better in the future.

The Law of Responsibility

This law tells you that you are responsible for how you act and no one else is responsible for that. You take your own responsibility for your actions, and this happens in every situation in your life.

The Law of Connection

This law tells you that everyone is connected and that even though people come to you and leave you, they are still connected to you forever. You are connected to every human being some way or another.

The Law of Force

This law says that you have energy and the energy that you focus on is the results that you will get.

The Law of Giving and Hospitality

This law shows you that if you give and do good things to others or give to charity that when you are in need of something, it will come back to you.

The Law of Here and Now

This law is one that means that you are living your life thinking of your past but you have to let that go and live in the now. You cannot change the past and you need to put more energy in your present and your future.

The Law of Change

Everything is changing and you need to experience new things. Instead of feeling and thinking too much, allow change to come into your life.

The Law of Patience and Reward

You will be rewarded when you work hard and when you do good things. Everything that you do positively will come back to reward you at some point in your life.

The Law of Significance and Inspiration

You are valuable and you have something to give to the world. Be a positive impact and make sure that you realize how important this is.

Be Positive

Make sure that you are living your life in a positive way. Live every day like today is your last day and keep pushing forward in every good way.

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