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Every single day we get up and do the same things over and over it seems. Go to work, go to school, exercise, be on a schedule. We wonder why we feel so busy, and that life doesn’t seem to be exciting or fun. The truth is that life can feel this way because sometimes we are too busy to really find our spiritual purpose. We spend so much time with the mundane of life that we forget that we need more.

Nothing seems better than looking at the stars or taking time to lay on the beach. But how often do we take the time to do “nothing?”  When we take time relax and to have fun, this is good, but the truth is that we really have to take time to find our purpose.

Research even shows that when you have and find your purpose in life that it can help you to live longer. Once you know your purpose, you will be able to face the challenges that come your way with joy and peace.

Finding Your Real Purpose

There are different ways that you can find your real purpose in life. Once you take time to accomplish these things, you will see that you can be on the right direction in life.

Look Deep Inside

No one is exactly like you no matter what kinds of thoughts and values that you share. The great thing about living is that you are an individual and you have the chance and the choice to be different and to lead your own life.

You can find your purpose in ways that reflects what you feel and believe about you. When you take time to look deep inside of yourself, you can get rid of things that don’t serve your life and you can reach out to find your spiritual gifting. Look deep and find the power inside of you.

Set Goals with Your Purpose

When you want to find your purpose, you have to realize that there are goals in your life that you want to reach along the way. Take time to find those goals and set your eyes on the prize. Put important things on top so that you can accomplish them and even if you have to work hard, do it.

As you set goals, you will see that you can set your mind on a certain track so that you can focus on these goals and move towards your purpose.

Knowing your purpose will help you to see your goals and will help you to pay attention to the things that serve you. Be driven to reach your goals and the actions that you take will bring happiness to your life and your soul.

Find Out Who You Are

To really find your purpose, you have to really know who you are. The real you. You have to discover the thoughts, gifts and values that you have. Here are some things you can ask yourself in order to find out who you really are:

  • What kind of strengths and weaknesses do you have?
  • How do you take your strengths and weaknesses and make things happen for your life?
  • Do you do things for others, like what?
  • Are the things that you are doing helping you to reach your purpose?

Take a few minutes to write down your questions and your thoughts. Look these things over and find out if what you’re saying aligns with your purpose. Do not answer the questions in ways that makes you feel good but be honest. Sometimes we have to look at what we really feel in order to change what we are thinking.

Make a Mission Statement

Once you know what your goals are and you are reaching towards your purpose, find a way that you can write this on paper. Imagine what you want to do in your life and then write your own mission statement.

By doing this, you will be able to see on paper what you want in your life, and you will be able to follow that statement to reach your goals. This can help you to reach your enlightenment and to fulfill your life purpose.

Learn Life Lessons

We all have to go through certain life lessons, and these are things that we can later reflect on in our life. Our purpose is not easy, and it is filled with things that are hard and things that we have to go through in order to be stronger.

Look at the things you have done in your life and the challenges that you have met. Do you see where your purpose is taking you?

No matter what kind of pain or agony we have been through, know that these are lessons in our life. These things will help us to see what our goals are and what our real purpose in life is. Let your mind be strong and let your purpose be known.

Get the Good Vibes

As you realize your purpose, you will see that you are feeling better and that you are able to elevate your feelings to match your goals. The more experiences you have, the more you will see that you can reach your purpose.

As you begin to reach your purpose, you will see that your energy will become stronger. The vibrations that you have will start to match your feelings and you will feel free and fulfilled. Try doing things to raise your vibrations and to be more positive such as meditation or activities such as yoga or hiking. Do whatever you can to feel good in your mind and your body.

Let the aura around you be positive and bright. Use things such as crystals or other tools to make your mind and your purpose align. By raising your vibrations, you will feel that you are stronger, and you will be able to do more in your life.

Give Yourself Time

People are always rushing and trying to get things done but you need to have time to reach your purpose. Finding your real purpose means looking deep into the soul and finding what you really want. Do not rush this. Find ways to do things that can get you closer without feeling stressed about it.

Take time to find new things and to take a new adventure. Let your life be happy and do not keep being upset or miserable. Find people that share your purpose and your goals and embrace them.

Finding your purpose is not always going to be easy but it can be helpful. You will see that as you walk through nature, and you raise your vibrations that your life will get better. Get rid of things in your life that don’t serve you in a good way and be happy and free.

Let Curiosity Rule

Never choose to be boring. Let new things come to you and try out things that you never thought you would do. Be curious and let life be exciting.

Once you are curious, you will see that things will happen that help you to reach your purpose in life. You will meet new people and find new and exciting things to do along the way. Stay on the path to your freedom and let the world embrace you for who you are.


As we learn tor each our purpose, we can see that it is not cut and dry. We all have to find the right path to take and the direction that we need to be in. Let your life embrace you and let your purpose bring you joy and calmness. Find who you are and let the universe guide you!

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