Finding and Using Your Mantras
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Finding and Using Your Mantras

Most people understand that being mindful and meditating go hand in hand. Some probably even do their own mindful and meditation exercises each day.

Some people do not realize that there are ways to boost your meditation and to make your spiritual life stronger.

One way to do this is to use mantras while you are meditating. This means that you use sounds or phrases to get into a certain state of mind. Where do you start with this? Find mantras that work for you.

What is a Mantra?

A mantra is a sound or a phrase that you repeat when you are meditating. This can be a word or a phrase and is not normally just a sound.

This helps to raise your vibrations and clear your mind. They are used in yoga as well as meditation and in some religions.

There are some music soundtracks that use binaural beats that help you to concentrate more. No matter what mantra you use, or if you are focusing on your breathing, this is a way to be more mindful.

Mantras will change their consciousness and help you to reach your higher self.

Beneficial Mantras

There are different mantras that you can use when you meditate, and this can change your feelings and help you to tune into your life and your higher self.

Om or Aum

One of the most known mantras is om or aum. This means it is or to become something.

This is considered a sacred mantra that will help you to connect to creation and nature. This is helpful when you are trying to manifest something to your life and make your dreams real.

Use this mantra as you meditate and do it three or more times. Repeat this while meditating. Repeat this over and over so that you can become powerful.

So Hum

This is a Sanskrit mantra that means I am. This is a mantra that you use when you are trying to build up your self love and compassion. This is a chant to use to be more confident.

Someone that uses mantras will often add words to their phrases so that they can encourage themselves more. You can say “I am strong,” or “I am brave.”  You can also say these mantras when you are getting ready and looking in the mirror.

Om Namah Shivaya

This mantra is a Hindu phrase that means to reach the inner being. This is a mantra that helps you to focus on your thinking.

When you repeat this mantra, you can concentrate and meditate on what is going on in your life. This mantra can help you to reach a different state of being. Use this mantra when you are streaming your thinking or when you are journaling.

Gayatri Mantra

This mantra is there for all people and is not a spiritual chant. This means thanks to the light and is a way to ask for the light to protect them from darkness.

This can be external things or thoughts and feelings. This is a mantra when you are struggling with life and when you need something positive to happen.

This is a useful mantra that helps you to be positive and will bring light to you and help you to focus.

Om Tat Sat

This mantra means all this is or it is a saying that means absolute truth. If you want to reach your higher self, or if you feel confused about things you want, this is a way to look deep inside.

You can use this as part of manifestation, and you can focus your energies to live better.

This is an effective mantra during meditation, but you can also use it to encourage yourself to be you. When you feel that you are changing to pretend to be someone else, use this mantra to reach who you really are.


This is another Hindu mantra that means I am that. This helps you to look at yourself without being materialistic and without holding on to things such as hate and unforgiveness.

This is a way that you can look deep inside and when you use this, you are using the Law of Attraction to get you out of a place of being stuck.

If you are trying to go down the right path and you feel stuck or you seem to procrastinate over and over, you can use this chant to help you.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

This is a very popular mantra that means peace of mind, body, and soul. This is an Indian philosophy that is from ancient times and is meant to bring people peace.

Doing this mantra will help you to relax and see things clearly in your life. This can help you if you are angry or confused.

This is not just something that you use when you are meditating but you can also use this and make a vision board that can help you to celebrate who you are.

Finding the Right Mantra

Now that you know what the different mantras mean, you need to figure out what mantra is perfect for you.

This can be hard but find one that can help you to be the best you can be.


Use meditation while you are meditating so that you are not stuck, and you can find out what is perfect for you.

Be inspired by your mantra and figure out why you would choose that mantra and how it will help you. What does it benefit you?

Remember that mantras do not have to stay the same when you are meditating. You can use one today and pick a different one tomorrow or even in the same session.

The mantra that fits what you are feeling at the time will help you to be open and creative in your life.

Give Into It

Your mantra and meditation are meant to help you to grow and help you to find a language from inside.

This is a time where you want to accept yourself and be changed and healed. People often want to say the mantras when they are not meditating and if your body tells you that you should do this, do it. You can say these each day or every morning before you leave.

Commit to the Mantra

Let your mantra help you to grow and let things go that are not good for you. The relationship that you have with your mantra should work with you while you practice. Use the mantra to change your way of thinking and to make it part of you.

Make a good decision and find out if your mantra fits you. You can pick one that works good for you and fits what your intuition tells you.

Never force a mantra. If you are not committed to it, move to another one. Find one that works perfectly for your life.

Become One

Let your mantra become one with you. Surrender to it and commit to it. Accept that the mantra is with you.

Find a way to develop your mantra and let it be part of your body. Experience it and do not stress about it. Let your mantra be within you.

Meditation Boosters

When you use mantras in meditation you are growing, and you are becoming comfortable. There are different mantras to choose from and everyone should have a relationship with their mantra.

When you use your mantra and affirmations, you can use the Law of Attraction to get what you want. Affirmations will manifest things to your life and will help you to be stronger and have more compassion for yourself and others.

When you say your mantra over and over, it will become powerful within you. Repeat your mantra and commit to it. The Law of Attraction is used to help you get things that you want and need in your life, and you can combine this with mantras to make it stronger.

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