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Can Positivity Make Life Better?

The way that you think will affect your life. If you are positive, it can help you to move forward but if you’re negative, it can cause you to be held back. Having a positive mindset can change your life and it can help you to face life head on. This doesn’t mean that you have to ignore feelings that are hurtful, but it means that instead of allowing these feelings to hold you back, you feel them and then let them go.

Being Positive

Being positive has a lot to do with how you think. Positive thinking means:

  • You get excited about a situation.
  • You take space to feel and be aware of your feelings.
  • You know that you can face all situations and that you can change your mindset.
  • You see ways of facing challenges and staying in control.
  • You aren’t afraid to ask others for help.
  • You can look at your inner self and have passion and good relationships.
  • You have hope even when things seem to be going wrong.
  • You take stress and turn it into action and energy.
  • You let your experiences have meaning.
  • Set clear visions of where you want the future to take you.

Being Stuck in Negativity

One of the problems in life is that sometimes people get stuck in negativity. This can lead you to feeling worried and to feeling upset. Sometimes you will even get to a point where you feel like a victim because you are dealing with hard things.

You might see that you are overthinking everything that happens and that you want to solve all the problems around you, but you don’t solve on your own. Maybe you feel stressed about your experience, and you don’t even realize that you are constantly stressed.

Some people feel guilty, and they have low self esteem from their negativity and their negative thinking. The problem is that the way that we act in our life might come from a lot of things such as how we were raised or emotions that we never faced. This can come from traumas in the past or from feelings of being neglected.

Having a purpose in your life and learning to be positive will help you to find a path that doesn’t block you from being able to reach your real self. You have to learn to heal, and you have to learn to face emotions of grief, violence, and loss because this can limit you.

Influences of Actions

There is a transgenerational influence theory that tells you that you can understand your negative state of thinking without knowing the reason. You might know that you have this, but you might not know that it is a learned behavior.

No matter why you feel negative or no matter why you feel stuck, you have to realize that you can’t control the circumstances, but you can control the way that you handle them and think about them. You can move forward from negative thinking to positive thinking.

Being positive can change your life especially when you feel negative in a situation. As you are aware of what you’re feeling, you can balance your mind and your body to get rid of this negativity and realize that these learned behaviors aren’t yours to hold on to, but they need to stop with your past.

How to Be Positive

Your mind and your body can change the way that it behaves to negativity. Your brain can adapt to almost anything and you can generate new neurons that can help your emotions to be more positive.

The negative emotions that you have such as depression can lower your neurogenesis which is the ability to make new neurons but as you have more positive thoughts you can train your brain to grow. Positive thoughts stimulate positive growth, and it can change your negative thinking and lower your stress levels. Do this by being more mindful and add physical exercise to help you feel better overall.

What to Do

Here are some things that you can do to change your thinking:

  • Get rid of stress: Try to meditate and relax so that you can calm down your brain and you can have less stress. Stay calm and grounded and this can help you to respond positively to bad situations.
  • Train your brain by meditating for a few minutes each day. Do this for a few weeks and see that you feel better.
  • Visualize your own reality. You can change the way that you expect things to happen and think about how you can respond to negative things in a positive way.
  • Negativity bias is a tendency to choose to be negative over being positive. Change this and decide that you’re going to be positive even when negative things come your way.

Have Confidence

As you practice the steps above, you can see that you can be more positive, and you can have confidence to live your best life. Set intentions to change your reality and your thought patterns and you will see that you can reach your life goals.

Find people that will support you and know that there are going to be negative things that come your way. Change your mindset to be creative when things are challenging so that you can face them head on.

Reflect on what you want in your life and how you can get there. Take the time that you need and be patient with yourself as things come and go. Set positive intentions by using a breathing scan.

Breathing Scan

Here is how to do a breathing scan:

  • Set your intentions.
  • Use a word like confidence and as you say it, deep breathe.
  • Repeat the word and continue to breathe as much as you need to until you feel relaxed.
  • Relax more and more and let positivity feel your body.

Doing this exercise will help you to feel more positive and to stay calm even when challenges arise.

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