Overcome Obstacles Inside and Outside
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How to Overcome Obstacles Inside and Outside

When you have obstacles in your life, you have the desire to face these obstacles and to overcome them. Sometimes they are hard though and you have to really work at it.

Being Honest

Make sure that you are being honest with what you need. Find out who is around you and who you are listening to and getting advice from. Do you have people that are holding you back such as family or friends? Are there other things that are stopping you from reaching your dream?


You have to learn to manifest things to your life. Stop being around people that are negative about what you want. Do not listen to their disbelief. If someone is negative or undermining you, meditate.

If you want this to end, prove to them that you can do what you want and you can be successful.

Relationships and Doubt

Everyone has doubts when they get into a relationship because they don’t want to get hurt. If you are afraid of loving someone then you need to figure out why.

If you are with a partner, he or she will listen to you and help you to follow your dreams, if they really care about you. Find family and friends that will support you.

There will always be people in your life that are going to be against you. They will try to talk you out of your dreams or make you feel that you will never reach them. These people are probably jealous of your ideas and they are trying to make you doubt yourself. Do not let them abuse you or hurt you.

Red Flags

Pay attention to people around you and see if they are for you or against you.

Here are some things that people might do to try to stop you from reaching your goals or dreams:

  • They forget to see what you are showing them.
  • If you have a show at work, they don’t show up to support you.
  • You get a promotion, and they make you feel like it was nothing.
  • They try to one up you all the time.
  • They make rude remarks about things you are insecure about you.
  • They break things that you have.

If you have people around, you that are doing these things then you need to find out who you real friends are. Do not be around people that are putting more obstacles in your way.

Overcoming Self

Do you have obstacles inside of you that cause you to be conflicted? Do you listen to the negative things that others tell you instead of fighting back and showing them who you are? Are you fearful of not being good enough?

Here are some ways you can know if you are being told negative things inside:

  • You are afraid when someone talks to you about what you want.
  • You have a hard time focusing on what you want in life.
  • You are not disciplined.
  • You think that you have to be perfect, or you aren’t good enough.

Crystal Grid

You can use a crystal grid to help you to overcome obstacles in your life. If you are facing things, then here are some things you can do to help you overcome the challenges that you are facing:

  • Center: Tektite to get rid of doubt.
  • Star and Inner Petal: Kyanite to help remove blockages and keep you calm and peaceful.
  • Additional Inner Position: The emerald can help to balance you.
  • Middle Circle: Rose quartz helps you to show love to others.
  • Open Circle: Amethyst helps to get rid of negative trauma and past situations.
  • Outer Point: Green Aventurine helps you to get rid of hold habits and heal your heart.
  • Outside Circle: Clear Quartz helps to get rid of negative energy.


Learn to overcome challenges by being inspiring to yourself. Love yourself and trust the universe to help you. When you are traveling and moving, listen to encouragement and let other people feed good things into your life.

Trust Who You Are

You have to learn to trust yourself if you ever want to get where you want to be in life. Know what you want and follow your hearts desires. Always listen to your heart and your guides and they will help you to find your way.

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