Know and Love Who You Are
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Know and Love Who You Are

This article will help you to know how to love and care about yourself. Some people do not know what to do and what not to do when they want to feel self-love. Here are some things you can do to make a difference in your life:

Understand This

You are important to the universe. Your life is lived only through your eyes and the way that you interact with people around you and how you see life and events that happen show you who you think you are.

When it comes to the universe as a whole, you have to learn to understand reality and what matters in your life. The way that you see your own reality will depend on how much you love and care for yourself.

You need to live a life that is full of love, understanding and hope. If you feel angry and frustrated all the time, then that will be your reality.

You need to love yourself more. You need to start loving everything about yourself and love yourself in each way that you can. Self-love is not easy and when we criticize ourselves and program ourselves to act a certain way or to be negative, we allow hatred to enter into our lives.

The more time we spend hating ourselves is the more time it will take to get rid of the negative thinking and replace it with positivity.

Begin loving who you are. You are important.

All About You

Think about how you love and respect someone. When you love someone, how do you treat them? Are you patient or do you lose your patience with them? Do you listen to their thoughts and ideas or do you ignore them or put them down? Do you forgive them when they mess up or hold grudges?

You have to give people you love space and allow them to grow and be who they are. You will believe in them and their growth.

Think of yourself now. Do you give yourself the same patience and love that you give others in your life? Do you take care of your mind, body, and soul?  Do you meet your own needs?

Here are some things that you need to do to make sure your body, mind and soul is taken care of:

  • Sleep enough.
  • Eat healthy foods.
  • Give yourself understanding.
  • Give yourself time.
  • Give yourself space.
  • Workout each day.
  • Be thankful for yourself.
  • Be thankful for those around you.
  • Have fun.
  • Smile.
  • Be playful.
  • Avoid toxic things in your life.
  • Reflect on who you are.
  • Meditate daily.

How many of these things do you allow yourself to do? If you are not doing these things, then you are not showing yourself self-love.

Love is more than what is in your mind. Love is what you do every day, and you have to show yourself love and how to care for you.

This is easier to talk about than actually doing and if you find that you are always unhappy, you have to change your mindset. Begin meditating and being active in how you treat yourself.

Meditation can help you to focus on who you are and get rid of stress and anxiety. This can help you to be mindful and to love yourself in a positive way.

Take time each day to meditate and to do what is positive in your life.

Be Responsible

If you are struggling with loving who you are, you have to learn to be responsible for your actions. You are the one that is responsible for your own happiness. If you are unsuccessful, that is on you but if you are successful, that is on you too. Learn to form a relationship with yourself that is full of trust and love.

Stop being a victim and take responsibility in your life for things that are good and bad. Learn to be who you want to be and learn to see that life is not fair but that you can work through it.

Be happy, courageous, honest, trustworthy and above all, be responsible. Face challenges that life gives you and be brave.


No one is going to have the best and perfect life. You can choose to be negative about this or you can choose to be positive.

Spend your time loving yourself and speaking positively to yourself. The more positivity that you send to the universe, the more you will get back to yourself.

Have optimism and know that we all have flaws. Accept yourself and forgive yourself for things that have gone wrong. Accept that you have negative situations and learn to forgive yourself for your quirks and flaws.

Open Heart

Acknowledge the things that are wrong in your life and then learn to love who you are. When you accept the things that are bad in your life and your negativity, you can change your feelings and emotions. We all make mistakes and being able to accept yourself even in your mistakes shows self-love.

Learn to be intimate with who you are. Get through your negative emotions and know that things happen. Do not be ashamed of how you feel.

Replace the negative things that you have in your life and learn to find who you are. If you have bad things or trauma from your past, accept it and learn to move through it.

Find ways to get past your past and stop being ashamed of who you are or what you have done. Do not hide your emotions and the only way to face them is to push through.

Be mindful of what you have went through and learn to let go of things you are holding on to. Doing this can bring you freedom.


Thoughts are always going to be there, but they are only thoughts. We have millions of thoughts each day and sometimes we allow our fear and worry to take over our lives.

This can be something that is a survival thing and when you feel doubtful about who you are, change your thoughts. Do not dwell on the negative feelings and thoughts that you have but learn to be mindful of them and change them.

Stop suppressing things such as fear and anger and figure out why you have these feelings. Change your negative thoughts to positive thinking and this can make your life more meaningful. Make positive changes in your life.


Share your life with others. Work through your problems and accept yourself and then others will accept you for who you are. Be empathetic and love people with everything in you. Think about things that are positive about yourself and then share them with others.

Find your true self and embrace it and let others see you for who you are.

What to Do

Find your purpose in life. Find things that make you happy. If you aren’t sure what you want in life, figure it out. Speak to someone that can help to lead you towards your purpose.

You can figure out what you want and get there.


One important thing in your life is to be thankful. Be thankful for what you have and who you are. The more thankful you are, the more positive you will be and the more you will love who you are.

Research shows that you can be thankful, and this can improve your mental and physical self. Take time to journal a list of things you are thankful for.

Write down a few things each day that you are thankful for and read them each day.

Comfort Zone

Get out of your comfort zone and learn to do things that are scary. You can expand your life this way. If you feel nervous or afraid, do it anyways. Learn to be brave and try new things.

Once you get started trying new things you will see that you can do more than you imagined.


When you begin to make progress, don’t let others pull you down. It is natural for life to be hard and sometimes people are critical to you. Do not be brought down by people that are critical. Be confident and know that your self is what matters.


Take time each day to workout. Working out can clear your mind and make your body stronger. Movement is healthy for you and it can take away feelings of depression and anxiety. You will begin to feel better fast when you exercise.


Notice how the people you are hanging out with make you feel. We are all influenced by people and we need to make it a habit to find people that are speaking positively in our lives.

Find friends that are uplifting and good for you.

Accept Your Emotions

Learn to accept your emotions and work through them and stop judging yourself. We all have feelings of anger, jealousy, and sadness but the point of it is not to stay there.

If you reject your emotions, you are only putting them on the back burner for them to come back later. Use this information of how you feel to practice accepting yourself more. Allow your emotions to come and do not judge yourself.

Get rid of the negative emotions by working through them and not by picking up bad habits. Accepting is a balance and you need to understand that no one is going to be positive all the time. Allow yourself to have negative moments and work through them with love.

Be mindful and meditate to get rid of negative feelings and make sure you are surrounding yourself with people that love and care for you.

Toxic Thoughts

Get rid of toxic thoughts or beliefs that are holding you back. Here are some that are very common for people:


When life isn’t going well, it will not always be like that. Learn to work through things and know that things will change, even bad things.


Many people hate to be vulnerable, but it is a part of life. You have to stop being so comfortable and allow yourself to be vulnerable sometimes. Embrace your feelings and thoughts.

Being Alone

Stop spending all your time by yourself. Learn to be with other people. Happiness will come from yourself, but it is unhealthy for someone to always be alone.

Fitting In

We always were taught that if we want to be happy then we will have to fit in. Stop limiting yourself and believing what society says you should be and be who you are. People that are their true self are the happiest people.

Taking it Personal

Do not take everything that people do to you as a personal thing. The world will hurt you, but it isn’t out to get you. Remember bad things happen in everyone’s life, just work through it.

Keep Your Promises

Do not say you are going to do something and then not do it. You will lose your credibility and you need to make sure that you keep your integrity. Take action when you say you will do something.

Reach your goals and learn to make small goals so that you can reach them and then turn them into bigger goals.

When you reach your goals, it will make you feel better about yourself and who you are.


Love yourself because it is the right thing to do. You can reach the potential that you have, and you are able to believe in yourself.

Find what you love doing and do it. Find a purpose in your life and embrace it. Be thankful for what you have and for who you are. Learn to love yourself.

Ways to Love Yourself More

Here are some things you can do to love yourself more without changing who you are:


One of the best ways to love yourself more is to write down what your feelings and thoughts are. Ask yourself tough questions and answer them. Find out why you are unhappy and write it down. This will help you to make sense of what you are feeling.

Here are some things you can ask yourself:

  • What do I love most about myself?
  • What compliments have I received?
  • What are 10 things I am good at doing?
  • When do I feel the happiest?
  • Who loves me the most?
  • What 10 things make me happy?
  • What can I do to take better care of myself?
  • If I could go back in time, what would I tell myself?
  • What is my favorite part of my looks?
  • What makes me unique?
  • What are negative things I tell myself? What can I say instead?

Write about things that are happening in your life and what you need to focus on. Reflect on your life and see what you really want. Notice that there will be a lot of things that come up that are not even that important.

Things You Love

Find things that bring you joy and do them. Pick up new hobbies that make you happy. Do not put off your happiness and find things that are fun and fulfilling in your life. Even if you are afraid, do it.

Do Things Different

If you are doing things and they aren’t working to make you happy, change. Learn to do things in a different way.

Do not be someone that does the same thing over and over again and expects things to be different. Make it a purpose to do things differently so that you can find out what you love and what you are afraid of.

Here are some things you can do differently:

  • Get out in nature more.
  • Help others.
  • Go somewhere fun.
  • Meditate.
  • Sleep more than normal.
  • Spend time with people you love.
  • Exercise differently.

Be Firm

You have to be firm with yourself, but you also need to be fair. If you are in something new such as a relationship, give yourself time to get used to it and to get through your feelings.

Allow yourself to make mistakes and become a better you.

Know Who You Are

Learn to know yourself better. It can be hard to get to know who you are when you don’t like yourself but figure out how to know who you are and what makes you lose control.

If you don’t know things about yourself and you refuse to face them, life will be hard. You have to be in control for your life and look to yourself to be better.

Find out what you value in life and what interests you.  Check your temperament and make decisions based on facts instead of feelings.

Do things you love to do and find out what makes you feel full of energy. Set goals that are purposeful in your life. Be motivated to be better than you were yesterday.

What strengths to you have? Write them down.

Be Different

Allow yourself to be different and embrace it. Do not be like everyone else. Do not allow society to tell you who you should be. Stop comparing yourself with others.

When you feel bad about being different, learn to be thankful and celebrate your differences. Allow yourself to be happy that you are different. Let your kindness and loyalty show through and understand that you are full of positive traits.

Accept yourself for who you are. Be yourself and embrace the true you.

Negative Thoughts

Do not focus on the negative thoughts that you have but get rid of them. When you believe your thoughts, you get into a mess in your life and you identify yourself with what you feel.

Learn to go above your thoughts and not to attach to them. You will be free when you realize that your thoughts do not define who you are.

Stop identifying with your thoughts and live in the moment. Learn to quiet your mind and release judgement on yourself. Do not dwell on negative thinking. Learn to be strong and to replace negativity with positivity.

Say things that will be positive and speak positively in your life. Here are some things you can say to yourself:

  • I love who I am.
  • Bad things cannot happen to me.
  • I will look at things differently.
  • I am doing the best I can.

When you use positive mantra’s, you can get rid of fear, anger, and doubt. You can learn to replace negative with positive feelings. Say these things a few times each day.

Do this when you wake up so that your day can start happy. If you feel drained or negative, use the mantras to help you.

Focus on Them

Focus on others. Find people that need you and help them. When you help others, you show love. Showing love to others can help you to feel good about yourself.

It is natural for you to want to help others and for you to be a better person. The universe wants you to help others and you can explore this and experience new things. Stop focusing on who you are so much and focus on others and their feelings.

Loving yourself is something that can come when you are helping others. No matter what life brings, learn to be positive and to embrace your life. Accept that you are good, and you are lovely. Accept that you have what it takes to make it through life and face it with courage and understanding.

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