Life Coaching


  1. If money were no object, what would do the whole day?

If you knew that money was worthless and you don’t need it to survive or that you had enough of it to support yourself what would you be doing? Dream big. Forget all the needs to pay bills or having a roof over your head. What can you do for a whole day if you don’t have to look forward to getting paid?

  1. If I could be anyone else for a week, who would I be?

Do you have a role model? Who is that individual? What do they do that inspire you that much? You don’t have to be necessarily inspired by their career, but maybe their industry does.

  1. Which section of a book shop attracts you?

Those moments that you’ve visited a book shop, think about them. Which sections do you admire? Is it science, history, memoir or travel? This is very important especially when you’re trying to figure out your interests.

  1. What can I talk about easily for hours?

Each and everyone has something they can easily talk about for hours especially when given that opportunity.  You might not believe in yourself but just think about it. Which topic do you find easy to talk about especially during a conversation?

  1. Who do I love spending time with?

We all have those who when we see, we really feel excited. Why do you enjoy their company so much? What do you guys spend your time doing? Ask about their opinions about you and see who they are personally.

  1. What do the individuals closest to me say I’m best at?

Other people know our weakness and strengths more than we do. Therefore, just ask them, “what do you think I’m good at?” you’ll be surprised at their answers.

  1. What kind of a kid was I?

The only way to know more about this is to chat with those who knew you well when you were young. What do you both remember about those times? What was your personality like? What did you love doing? What did you enjoy most at school?

  1. What do individuals want me to help them with?

We usually don’t realize when we are asked for help, so this might be a very tricky question. However, the answer is still there, be it small.

  1. What makes me feel secure?

This a question you should ask yourself. Sometimes we do feel shy when we are asked about our strengths. This is due to the fact that maybe we feel boastful or we are hard on ourselves that we truly don’t know how to respond.

  1. What do I like doing for fun?

What do you love doing? And if it’s painting, would you like to do it further? If it’s dancing, you can teach others better. If you answer all these questions and still don’t know what you want to do with your life, do not be surprised. This is just the beginning since everything is a process.

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