Things You have to Move Forward from in Your Life
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Things You have to Move Forward from in Your Life

Life has many lessons that we have to learn in life, and we will go through many failures at the same time. There are many possibilities int his world and sometimes we miss it because we begin to feel dead.

We need to be free and to find passion in life but sometimes we feel so lost that we don’t know how to find this newness and to live again.

We can see positivity and passion, but it is important to connect with ourselves where we had lost in the past. Remember that life is a journey and even if you have to walk alone, be brave and do what you have to do to really live.

Life does not just happen right away, and you have to learn to take small steps in your life in order to move down the right path. Learn to understand what you are doing in your life and seek change.

Think Better

We spend a lot of time telling ourselves negative things such as that we are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough or that we do not fit in. We also know that we need to stop being so sensitive and needy and stop having so many flaws. We try to be someone else because we feel that we are broken, and we know that our crazy life will make people not want to be around us. We want to have love and we want to be healed.

Chances are you have betrayed yourself because you care more about pleasing everyone else than you care about pleasing yourself.

You have to get to the point where you learn to trust yourself more and where you can change and find happiness.

Right Reasons

You cannot always be doing things because of what everyone else needs but you have to do stuff because you care about yourself and you take care of who you are.

Do not do things because people approve of you but start doing your own thing and keep thinking about your own thoughts and know that no matter what you have heard in your past, you are worthy to be loved and you are worthy to do new things. You do not have to wait for people to approve you and for people to believe in you, learn to believe in yourself.

Mind Battle

If stress and rejection has got you hurting, know that you are not broken. Do not let others make you feel broken. Learn to heal yourself and do this by stop putting yourself down.

Be positive in your life and give yourself permission to have self-love and to take care of who you are. Honor your emotions and have self-love. Think better about who you are, and you will live a happier life.

Broken Pieces

We all have been broken and chipped away over our lives. We all have felt like we were broken at sometimes in our lives.

We all have ideas in our mind about who we are but when we get upset or mistreated, we automatically want to act out and be defensive. We are often irrational, and people will question us in all things regardless. People will want to know why we are so angry at what they say and why we cannot handle being criticized but inside of ourselves, it damages us when we feel attacked.

One of the strangest things is that we are the ones that are harming ourselves by the negativity that we put in our mind.

When you are struggling to motivate yourself, you change from someone that is procrastinating to someone that becomes motivated and can act on their ideas. When you realize that things aren’t getting done it can make you feel upset and self-conscious and it can make you feel that you are not productive.

The best way to handle this is to try your best and when you need to take a break, do it. You will do a good job and you will have hard times but that is part of life. Remember, you are not perfect, and you will make mistakes, but this is okay.


Starting over is okay. Some people tell you that you should never start over and that it is a bad choice but that is not true. People can always start over and no matter what kind of hardships you have gone through, you can change your life path whenever you want to do that.

Starting over and making changes in your life can be scary and it is never easy but otherwise you will be stuck in what you are in and you might be unhappy there.

Moving forward can allow you to win in life. When you feel that you are going after one thing to the other and you are never making the right choices, you might need to have changes in your life. Learn to change and turn around and start over. Starting over is better than giving up.

You will make mistakes, but you need to release these and forgive yourself. Learn to move forward and t make better choices from this point on. Learn to grow and even when letting go is hard, do it without feeling angry or lost.

Fight to hold on but then let go when things do not work out. Letting go can be one of the best things that you have done, and it can help you to free yourself from emotional problems and situations that have held you back.

Letting go means that you change the way that you see things and even if you meet the same situation, you look at it from a different perspective.

Think about your past, present and future and learn to move forward and to live a good life.

Let Go

Many people will have to let go with some things in their life or they will have to settle. You will sometimes have to trade one thing for another. You can learn that you will not get everything that you want but when you pay attention you can have the best that you can get.

Realize that when you settle or compromise things that you will have a hard time reaching what you want to have. There is no one answer to all things in life, but you have to choose where you are going to give in and where you are going to move on.

Learn to know what you need and never let go of what you need but work on what you want to change in your life. Choose the battles you want to fight and remember that you will grow as you learn to pay attention to what matters and to let go of what doesn’t.

Never give up your life on a job that makes your life miserable but reach for something else and change to something that makes you happy.

Fight for things that you want and with everything else, give in a little.

Accept and Embrace

When you aren’t comfortable this can cause you to have pain. When you are outside of what makes you comfortable it can make life hard for you, but it can also be rewarding. People sometimes need to learn to say no to others and this can be uncomfortable, but it allows you to grow.

Some of us have been in lives where everything was comfortable, and others have had a discomfortable life. Those of us that have had easy lives often run when things get hard because we like to be in our comfort zone.

Our comfort zone is small, and this can cause us to miss out on experiences and to get stuck in certain cycles.

Exercise for example is something that we start because we feel unhealthy and it isn’t fun or comfortable and we would rather watch television and eat snacks but we see that being unhealthy is uncomfortable and so we have to choose which discomfort we want to face.

Accepting life as being uncomfortable takes time and you can take steps to get where you can be happy and have a good life.

This is hard and it doesn’t come easy, but you have to learn to be uncomfortable and learn to accept it and adapt and become a better person.

When you find that you are in a place where you cannot grow and life is too uncomfortable, remember that you will get where you need to be.


Set goals and learn to reach them. Your journey has to begin with goals, and you have to be determined to reach these goals.

Whatever you feel will happen, try to reach your goal anyways. Learn to believe in who you are and know that you are good enough.

If you become obsessive in things that you do, work hard to fix yourself. Do not make an effort where you become overly stressed or obsessed in something but have a balance. Learn to accept yourself for what you are.

You have to accept who you are, and this will help you to grow. You are not perfect, but you have to stop putting yourself down. You have to learn to be positive and stop obsessing over your flaws.

Remind yourself that you are good enough and practice self-care. Say to yourself, “I will do better today.” Allow yourself to follow the action and work hard.


Be mindful about what you say to yourself and how you live. Learn to practice being mindful in ways such as:

  • Know what is happening in the present.
  • Know what you wish you could change.
  • Have a happy experience in all things.
  • Accept things that are hard.

Remember that being mindful is important in all aspects of your life.


Be thankful for the things you have. Being thankful can make you feel happy. Thankfulness sets a foundation. You need to be thankful in everything because this can make a difference in how you feel.

Being grateful for things seems like a small thing but this can change your state of mind and make you happy when you are feeling bad or disappointed.

Start with being where you are now and appreciate the things that you have. We have so many good things such as a place to live, people in our lives and food to eat. We rarely take time to really think about the things we have and to be thankful for them.

Our minds will move from our past to our future and we have to learn to be present and to be thankful in what is going on. Our reality can make us stressed and depressed and when we learn to be thankful, we can take what happens in our life and make the best of it.

Take time to practice and let thankfulness fill your world. In reality, you can live a beautiful life if you want to and you can grow and learn to be thankful for everything you have. Thankfulness brings joy and hope.

Small Things

Take time to do things for other people. Volunteer your time or give to someone in need. The way that you see things around you will affect you and when you can do kind things, it can take away your feelings of being lost and fill you with goodness.

Learn to change your focus form your problems to those around you that are in need. Do good and be better. Figure out what others need and think of them. Learn to give to them what they need and move forward in your life.

When you serve others, you are serving yourself. You are getting out of your own issues and figuring out what the world needs and how it can guide you.

Learn to be motivated to push forward in your life. Stop feeling sorry for who you are and learn to help others through their hard life. Be thankful and stronger in your life.

If you are struggling inside, take a step forward and learn to do actions that make you feel better about who you are. Stop feeling bad about things in your life and find hope.


Take time to look at the things you can do to find yourself and then write down some more things. Make a list of good things you can do in your life that can make you happy and bring you peace.

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