How Meditation Helps the Brain
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How Meditation Helps the Brain

Do you find yourself getting nervous when you are in front of a large group of people   Do you feel that you need to escape and find a safe place?  When this happens, do you close your eyes and take deep breathes and realize that you will be okay?

Do you take deep breaths and notice that you are not as nervous as you were?  Can you listen to your voice and be calm and powerful?  All of this can come through meditation.  When you are scared or nervous, you can learn to close your eyes, breathe deeply and your calmness will come.

Why is Mediating Important?

You need to meditate because it allows you to be calm and cleared.  It can enter you in a few seconds and allow you to imagine a place where you want to be and take away all of the stress and anxiety.

Meditation can take away your anger, can help you to find happiness, build relationships and to be calm and peaceful.

When you first start meditating, it can be strange and feel abnormal, but with some practice, it can become a lifesaver.

Who Meditates?

Many people, even stars meditate.  There are many that have found solace in meditating such as Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Michael Jordan, Russel Simon, Arnold Schwarzenegger and more.

Some of the most successful people in the world have learned to meditate and use meditation to keep them calm and peaceful.

Meditation and the Brain

There have been many studies on how meditation can help to relax the brain and bring peace.  First, it reduces the stress you have and can lessen he brain tissue that is associated with worry.


Meditation can help you to feel mindful and happy.  It can help you to increase the quality of your life.


Meditation can help you to feel more connected to people around you and can help you feel more compassionate with others.


If you have a hard time focusing, then you can meditate to increase your focus and helping you to be able to focus on what you need to do and what you need to accomplish.


Meditation can increase your emotional stability and can help you to relate better with others.  It can improve how you empathize with others and increase your positive attitude.


Meditation can increase how creative you are and can help you to make more things and get more accomplished in your life.


If you have a hard time remembering things, then meditating can help you to store more memorizes in your mind.  This can also help you to get more information.


Meditation can help you to make better decisions that can help you overall in your life.  When you meditate it makes you be more mindful.

Overcome Addictions

When you feel that you are addicted to things and have a hard time overcoming situation then you need to meditate.  Meditation has been a tool to help people overcome alcohol and drugs.

Cardiovascular Health

Meditation can help to increase the blood to the heart and can reduce your risk of getting heart disease.

Immune System

Meditation can increase the immune system and help you to fight off different infections and viruses.

State of Mind

When you have a mind block or you feel that your mind is not operating as it should, try meditation.  This is a way that you can reach a good state of mind and find clearness.

Physical and Emotional Pain

Meditation can reduce the pain that you feel in your body and your mind by triggering a chemical that allows healing.


If you want to find happiness and understanding, you can do so by meditating.  This is a way that you can focus more on yourself and your spiritual being.

How to Meditate

Meditating is easy and you just have to get started.  There are different meditations that you can do you and you just have to find which one is right for you.  The type of meditation that you practice can make a difference in if you will keep meditating or not.,

Different types of meditation can give you different effects and can help you if you do it daily.  There are nine major different meditation techniques:


This meditation is a form that helps to increase mindfulness.  This is a Buddhist tradition.


Zen is when you focus on one thing while you are sitting still and let your thoughts pass through you.


Metta is a state of meditation that allows you to be kind and compassionate toward others.


This is an ancient Yogic which is called Yoga of the Mind.  This is when you connect between the mind and your heart and that you learn to be happy and full of joy.


This type of mediation involves repeating a sound or a phrase.


This meditation is popular with the stars and it is when you can reach a state where you are deep inside of yourself and in your mind.


This type of meditation is when you pray and you talk to God.


Yoga is meditating while you are moving.  This can have health benefits and spiritual benefits.  It has been around for years.


This is a meditation that allows you to keep a good posture while you are moving and breathing and meditating.  This is good for spiritual and mental health and is part of the Chinese Martial Arts.


There are many different types of meditation and all can be very beneficial to your body and mind.  Pick one that will help you and practice different kinds until you find one that fit you the best.

Pick two or three that you like and then practice each one for a week and keep a journal as to how it makes you feel.  This will help you to find which one is suitable for you and will help you to know what personality your meditating fits.

Mediation has many healthy positives and can help you to be happier and healthier.  Get started today!

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