Building Your Confidence
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Building Your Confidence

Everyone has their own personal insecurities but that doesn’t mean that you have to hold on to them.  It is easy to blame our lack of confidence on others and our lack of motivation on things that have happened in our lives.  Even though thing have happened and there are obstacles in life, there is no way to stop being confident in yourself.

It is hard to admit that you have lost your confidence sometimes, but when you do, you can learn to start building it back up and getting back on track.


Fear is one of the biggest reasons that you don’t get things accomplished.  If you are afraid of rejection or afraid of failing, you have to learn to allow yourself to make mistakes.  You need to realize that life is important and being confident is important and that you can do more than you know.

Body Language

The way that we interact can cause people to see that you lack confidence.  When you cross your arms and talk to people without looking at them, they will know that you need confidence.  Next time you are talking to someone, stand tall and put your hands in front of you, look them in the eyes.  Now you will feel more confident than ever.


Take time to listen to what other people are saying.  When you feel intimidated it is hard to find words to say and when you talk more than you listen then you will never be able to get the confident boost you need.


We are usually our hardest critics and when we feel insecure, we take situations too seriously.  You need to learn to stop being so serious and putting less pressure on yourself.  Take time to think, relax and breath and you will see that you can survive.

Small Fears

Start with the easy stuff and then move to bigger things.  If you want to be successful, you will need to have confidence in things that are going on in your life.  You need to face your small fears and then when you can accomplish those, you will be able to face bigger things.  Practice speaking before you go before a crowd and you will build up your confidence.


Thinking positively does not always mean that you will be positive, but it does get you closer to reaching your goals.  Think about a way to talk to yourself and tell yourself to be more positive.  If you can believe that you can do something, you can get the confidence to do something.

Too Hard

Everyone makes mistakes and this does not mean that you have to give up being confident.  Know who you are and when you feel bad, think about positive things and build your confidence up.  If you fail, remember that there is always a next time and keep pushing through until you can get what you want accomplished.

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