Here are some ways to be successful
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We all want to be happy and successful. Who wants to feel inferior? Here are some ways to be successful

It’s not hard to be as successful and happy as you would like to be.  It doesn’t need a lot of luck or money to do it. Think about what the most successful people have in common.  They all come from different places and backgrounds.  So what makes them different?

Here are some ways to be successful:

  • Put yourself first

being self centered is vastly different from being a selfish narcissist. Being self-centered is living your life on your on terms and not caring or focusing on what others may think of you.  People who are extraordinarily successful don’t care how others see them.  They don’t really care what people think of them.  Self-centered people can be successful.  For example, Thomas Edison had thousands of failed experiments. He didn’t care what people thought of his failure, he just kept going and worked on his inventions.

Start living your life on your own terms and take responsibility for your life.

  • Be a minimalist

Living your life as a minimalist is not about getting by with no worldly goods. Minimalism is about detaching from your objects. Distance yourself from your objects and focus on your feelings.  Be happy with what you already have. Truly successful people didn’t set out to make a fortune. They set forth to accomplish a goal.  They created something they value  for others.

  • Be healthy both physically and mentally.

You have to be healthy to be happy.  To live your life to the fullest, you have to be healthy. If you can’t live your best life if you’re not healthy.  Take some time for yourself and exercise regularly. Read a book and stay current with the news and ideas. Extremely successful people schedule their health and fitness regimens as part of their day.  It helps manage their energy and keep them focused.   If you are healthy, you can accomplish a lot more.

  • Set a meaningful goal.

When you set a goal, focus on something that is not a material item.  Don’t focus on making money, focus instead on something that is more meaningful. Set a goal that means more to you than money. Don’t let money rule and control you.

  • Inverse paranoia

Instead of concerning yourself about how the world hurts  you, think about how the world helps you.  Take adversity as an opportunity.  Instead of focusing on the negative  see how you can turn it around to be a positive.   If something happens that is out of your control, calm down and tell yourself that there is a bright side and that there is a possibility that good things are in store for you.

  • Be in the moment

Enjoy the things that are happening right now. When you are having fun, don’t focus on work. When you are working, keep your mind on your task.  People who are happy live in the moment. They don’t worry or feel stress because they look at what they are doing at that very moment.  Any worry that does come up can be solved in the moment.  If you are in the moment, you don’t have time to worry about the things you can’t control, because really, you can only control what you are doing right now.

  • Be focused on action

People who are successful are action-oriented. They don’t weight for things to happen to them, they make things happen.  If you constantly procrastinate you won’t be happy. You will just feel tired and guilty.  When you use your time wisely and work on your goals you feel good. You feel fulfilled and focused. Success will mean more to you if you work hard.  You can find happiness in hard work. Go the extra mile.

These are just a few guidelines to help you be happier and lead you to more success in your life. These are not instant fixes. You won’t see immediate results. True success takes time and hard work. Work hard and stay on the path and live a worthwhile, successful life.

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