Admitting When You Screw Up
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Admitting When You Screw Up

Have you ever seen someone make a mistake and then say it wasn’t their fault? No matter how bad their behavior was, they chose not to own up to their mistake.

When you make a mistake, here are some ways that you can make it better for yourself:

Own the Mistake

Always take responsibility for what you have done wrong. When you make a mistake and you are not able to fix it, learn to figure out how to own up to it.

Everyone makes mistakes so give yourself room of owning the mistake. Learn to not defend yourself because this can make you look worse.


Figure out a reason why the mistake happened. Ask yourself how you can fix it and how you can make things right.

If you need help, talk to someone. Do not try to hide your mistake but make sure that you tell someone that you can trust.


Talk to people about what you have done. Admit you have made a mistake and show that you are human.

Be sincere about how sorry you are and that you wish you could fix your mistake. Do not be dishonest and learn to have empathy when others make mistakes too.

Public Mistakes

Know that there are going to be mistakes and learn to not be defensive. You need to learn from your mistake so that you do not make the same mistakes over and over again.


Find someone that you can trust to tell them about what you have done wrong. Admit that you have made a mistake and trust that they are going to give you the best advice.

You will not be able to trust everyone and everyone will not have your back but find the right people that do and share with them when something goes wrong.


Everyone that lives make mistakes. How you handle the mistake is what makes you the person that you are. You want to be someone that is honest and trustworthy, and you can be this person when you learn to admit when you are wrong.

Since we are all human, most people will learn to be forgiving when you make a mistake. Trust in mankind and realize that no one is perfect and that everyone falls short.

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