Knowing a Player
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Knowing a Player

Women often face a problem that they want to have a soulmate, but they are not able to tell when they meet players.  The person that they meet will more than likely be sincere at first and they will only come out in the open when their true colors start to shine.  Maybe by this time, it is too late, and she has already fallen in love.

The best thing is for women to learn to spot players upfront and there are some tips that women can use so that she can spot a player and send him on his way.


A guy that comes across as smooth is probably just playing you.  Men that are too comfortable can be mistaken as magnetic and great, but this is because he has experience in approaching women.

A guy like this can talk to you easily and can converse like they have known you for years.  Maybe the conversation should feel awkward or weird, but with this guy it doesn’t.  This shows he probably has talked to a lot of women.

He says all the right things and seems like a guy that you could get along with perfectly.  The conversation always seems to shift to you and when all of these things add up, it can cause a woman to want to bond with this man.

The problem is, if he is saying all the right things, be aware because he probably has learned how to do this.

If you want to find out what his deal is then you have to look into his past and then look into his future.  If he avoids telling you things or laughs off certain topics or is overly flirty, this can be a sign of a player.  Maybe he will make up a sad story or try to change the subject all together.

Does he want to leave the area fast and find something else to get your attention to?  If so, don’t take his quickness as love, a lot of players want to get their hands on you, and he knows if he can get you alone then he can do this.

A guy that is really interested should feel a little bit nervous around you.  He should worry about messing up, but a player never has these feelings.  A player doesn’t have issues of being scared or nervous because he knows if you reject him then he will just try again with someone else.

Getting physical with someone new can take time to get used to and you will want to get to know each other and find out how the other person ticks.  IF a guy seems that he knows all the answers and knows exactly what to say, chances are you will find yourself with a player.

Once you have partnered your ways after being together, if you feel that you are doing something that you have been through before, your intuition is probably telling you not to trust him.

If your new guy wants to keep the relationship a secret, then this can be a problem.  This means that he is being sneaky and if he wants to keep your love a secrete then this means he is probably still acting or being available to other women.

Interests Change

If you feel that his interests are changing all the time and that he wants you one minute and then finds someone new the next or if he has called you and then ghosted you then this can be a guy that enjoys having a new thrill and doesn’t want to be fully committed.

Finding Out Someone is a Player

Don’t try to sleep with a guy that you don’t know anything about.  Even if you really want to, don’t do it.  A good man will wait for you and will want to get to know you better.  Wait until you are both ready.  A player will want you to move when he realizes you are not easy.

Always be honest about what you want in a relationship.  Are you ready to meet a guy that you want to marry and one that wants to be part of your family?  If so, a player is not a person for you.  Even if you like them, they probably will not want to meet you.

Keep your eyes on what you want in life.  Don’t settle for something that does not please you.  Wait for your soulmate to come so you can find happiness.

A player is fun to be around because they make things easy in the beginning, but they are not faithful, and they do not focus their lives on you.  Once you go through your journey and learn who you want, you will see that a real love does not happen in a few minutes or hours, maybe not even a few weeks.

Settling for Less

If you really want to find a soulmate, you will have to wait and not settle down.  Do not allow a player to come into your life and to take over your heart when he isn’t ready to settle down and when he isn’t really all about you.

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