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You Don’t Always Have to be a People Pleaser

Women are often people that want to be people pleasers. They try to do their best to take care of everyone else’s needs and they forget to care about themselves.

They worry about what others think of them and so they will do things so that they can look good and not make people question them.

Women tend to struggle with these things, and this happens a lot with moms that work outside of the home. They feel that they are pressured more and that they have to sacrifice what they need and not ask others for help. Women that think they need to be perfect are ones that suffer more.


People that want to please others or be perfect do this so that they can show people what they are worth. This is because of fear of not being good enough. This can cause you to feel rejected and to do things to try to make others like you. You get stuck when you do this, and you will never be perfect. Perfection is impossible.

What People See

No matter what others see you as, they don’t define who you are. You live your own life, and you have to stop trying to make everyone happy. Their acceptance doesn’t define who you are. You cannot let your self-doubt come because you care so much what other people believe about you.

Figure Out Your Sense of Self

Stop trying to please others and be perfect. This hides out who you really are. When you try to do these things, you forget who you are, and you no longer know what you believe or what you need in your life. Figure out what is important to you and be the best you can be.

Finding yourself can be hard but you need to explore and figure out who you are. Find your true self and allow yourself to be who you are.

Approve of You

You cannot let the things other people say about you decide your self-wroth. Figure out who you are and talk compassionately and lovingly with yourself. Give yourself love and acceptance and be less dependent on others.

Stop People Pleasing and Being Perfect

Women have to stop trying to please others and trying to be perfect. Women struggle with their fears and dreams, but they can work through these things.

Learn to embrace who you are and to accept your imperfections. Learn to love yourself and to be the best that you can be in your life.

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