Dealing with Jealousy
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Dealing with Jealousy

Jealousy is an emotion that is strong and can be negative.  Some people are more jealous than others and some do not feel this feeling at all.  When you have an open relationship, there is a purpose that you believe in love and in relationships.

When a relationship is open, you cannot expect people to only love you.  These types of relationships are different, and they mean that there is sex and other things and that the couple can limit different partners by having rules.

Open relationships have their advantages and disadvantages and most people do not approve of these relationships.  Having more than one partner can make some relationships happier.

If you get jealous easily, this can cause fights and insecurities with each partner.  It can happen more in marriage than other relationships because this type of relationship brings change.

If there is jealousy it can cause major problems when there is more than one partner and it can cause issues that come out all of a sudden.  When this happens, it can lead to fights and the relationship will not succeed.  Speaking about ground rules will help you to be less jealous.

When you feel that you have power to push people in a downward state, the person that is jealous will feel like you hate them and love other people more than them and that you don’t really want them in your life.  There will be fights and conflicts and feelings of being left behind or ignored.  When you confront your partner about other relationships, you will not be able to have an open marriage because it gives them a right to be with others in a sexual way.

Being in an open relationship is very hard and you need to deal with jealousy from the beginning.  If you love them and they love you then you need to just accept that the relationship is open and there is nothing to change.  You have decided an open relationship is okay because it is what you have chosen and so the jealousy is a temporary feeling that will go way.

Dealing with It

If you can’t deal with this then you need to talk to your partner and figure out what rules you need to make with them.  You might find that if you accept your partner with someone else and you learn to bond with the new person that you will not be so jealous.

Having an open relationship means that you enjoy your love with many people, and this is a way that you can see the positive of it.  Talking about this with your partner will help you to not be jealous and to not feel ignored because you get to spend more time with them and with someone else you will learn to love.

Jealousy is hard to get over and it takes a lot of patience.  You can beat the feeling and be more open to the marriage and the openness off it.  Otherwise, you will never have a relationship that works, and you should be friends instead of lovers.

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