Friendship jealousy
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Friendship jealousy

Have you ever experienced friendship jealousy? The kind of jealousy that makes you feel insecure, ridiculous and young inside. Below are some of them.

The fear of losing a BFF

Jealousy usually occurs mostly when we are used to someone, and this is very common in loving friendships and romantic relationships. We are likely to open our hearts to the unpredictable when we don’t control ourselves when it comes to loving someone. Jealousy usually taps into our uttermost vulnerability and can make us feel crazy and do crazy things. we are helpless and powerless when we think that someone will take someone away from us. we are likely to feel unloved and unattractive.

We might wonder what they saw in that person that they didn’t see in us. we might try to encourage ourselves that whatever happens, we will still win in the end.

The significance of jealousy

How can this feeling be helpful?

Jealousy shows us attributes that we may need to work on. It can, however, show that we are competitive which is important when it comes to seeking attention especially on things we would like to improve. Nevertheless, it is important to remind yourself that you deserved to be loved right and not ignore every good thing about yourself that you are proud of.

Jealousy helps us discover unhealthy relationships that we deal with daily and reveal developmental insufficiencies that need healing. It allows us to share our feelings with others especially when we need reassurance and tenderness.

It also highlights what we need to do to become more resourceful especially when it comes to networking such that we don’t use our primitive needs and expectations to tax anybody.

Jealousy opens your eyes and allows you to see how much your friends mean to you. Jealousy shows you if you are taking a relationship for granted.

Individuals who don’t like the feeling of jealousy are the same ones holding back passion for life and not just relationships. This is right. Jealousy points out areas that need maximum personal growth.

When we take jealousy at face value, it becomes destructive. That’s when you start acting in harmful ways.  However, if we believe that everything is worth it, we can work towards developing healthier foundations for our relationships as well as appreciate greatly our friendships.

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