Finding Yourself
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Finding Yourself

When life is guiding you in the direction of your dreams, then you see that this is a journey and that you will find defeat and triumph, error and fear but most importantly, you will see that you are headed in a good direction.  If you wait to know who you are before you begin with anything, you will never get there.  You will always live in the right now and never have a destination and get where you want to be.  This is where you can discover yourself and this isn’t about getting there, it is about who you become on the way.

The answer is what is in your life and how aware you are about moving forward and living in a life of confidence and truth.  You can get this on your own without anyone telling you or drawing you a map.  Ask yourself the right question and figure out what makes you motivated.

The best thing to know is about yourself and if you are who you want to be.  Figure out what you want and let people see you for who you are.  Find out what you are good and bad at and what you like and don’t like.  Dig deep and realize who you are.

Sometimes, we have many excuses and we find reasons not to do certain things or to feel certain things.  The goals should be to become comfortable enough with yourself that you can achieve self-actualization.

Never Do These Things

Never be ashamed of yourself.  You need to love your identity and know that you are unique and great.

Never take anything less than what you want to have.  This means don’t settle for what is good enough but follow your heart.

Never follow others.  Don’t wonder and take on the qualities of others because you are sad or want to hide your identity.  Figure out who you are and believe in yourself.  You deserve more.

Never use energy for negative emotions.  This causes you to feel negative inside and gives you the belief that you are not good enough.  Highlight your strengths and become confident in what you do.  Let your personality show.


Make choices that will help you follow the right direction.  Be successful in life and happy and figure out who you are.

Trust that you are right and don’t ignore your intuition.  Always be aware.

Make the right choices.  What is right is a sacrifice and always follow that.  Don’t worry about pleasing others.

Accept your desires.  Figure out what you want.

Know that things can be scary and if it scares you, face your fears.

It can hurt you not but be helpful for you later.  If you focus on yourself, you might find pain, but if you do, embrace it and know that sometimes the hardest choices are the ones that give you doubt but are the right things for you.


Don’t ignore your gut.  Don’t second guess yourself.

When you do stuff, it becomes easier if it is right for you.

Don’t make people happy on your own expenses.  If it doesn’t make you happy, don’t do it.  Put yourself first.

Don’t make excuses, instead, change what you need to change and be in control of your life.

Know things are not always good but sometimes bad.  Things can hurt and if they do, let them go.

Don’t regret things that you didn’t change.  If you didn’t change and you wanted to, change now and continue in the direction that you are going with your life, towards happiness.

You need to always question things and resist being like other people.  Follow your own heart and your own path and don’t do things because you are afraid, or you are pushed into things.  Embrace your freedom and yourself and be confident.

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