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Having Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is something that most people talk about when they think of relationships. Relationships should be secure and there should be strong love. This love should make you feel that live is good and that it can offer you more than you imagine.

What happens when you give unconditional love to others and you don’t get it in return? The idea of unconditional love is that it is deep, and it is something that you should be able to give to others so that you can develop your love and you’re understanding.

What is Unconditional Love?

One reason that unconditional love is hard in relationships is that people do not always agree on what this means.

Unconditional love is how you give your heart and no matter what they do to you, you still love and invest in them. This is love that never changes.

You can love this person and care for them no matter what they do for you. This kind of love depends on who you are giving it to as to if you will be able understand it and let it work.

If you have a friend that you love and they support you and show you love, but then they disappear and you stop loving them, that means you loved them conditionally.

When you love someone and you do not expect things in return from them, this is unconditional love. Most people have this kind of love for their children’s and their families and no matter what they go through, they love them anyways.

Mothers and fathers love their children unconditionally to the point where they would die for them. They expect nothing in return from their children.

Even as a child, you loved your parents with that unconditional love and once you got older, this kind of love stayed with you for your siblings and your family.

Relationships and Unconditional Love

Families are meant to love each other unconditionally so you might wonder how you can love someone outside of your family with this strong love.

Unconditional love can come between a family, sibling, friend, lover, or other people. Neuroscience shows us that there are parts of the brain that help us to know what unconditional love is.

This causes us to experience a reward when we show this kind of love to other people. When we can love people unconditionally, we are able to see that this is a good thing.

Unhealthy Love

Loving someone unconditionally can also be unhealthy depending on who you love. If you are in a toxic relationship and you have unconditional love, this means that you will be treated a certain way while treating your partner one way.

Here are some people you can end up with when you give unconditional love:

  • Alcoholic or substance abuse people.
  • People that lie to you often.
  • Cheaters.
  • People that manipulate you.
  • Gas lighters.
  • People that abuse you physically.

If you have unconditional love in these situations, it can cause you to have unhealthy relationships and to be in with people that will hurt you.

When you have these feelings, you need to talk to the person and see if you need to move on or if you can work through things.


Unconditional love does not mean that you have to give yourself to someone completely. You have to learn to be assertive and you have to learn to meet your own needs.

You need to talk to your partner and not compromise in the things that you need and what you want in your life.

If you are in an unhealthy romantic relationship, you have the power to be strong and you should not let people hurt you.

Loving Unconditionally

Even though you can have unhealthy love, loving unconditionally is a good thing. You can learn to feel what others are feeling and hold yourself responsible for what you are feeling.

You can increase your confidence and your self-esteem. Being positive and showing love can make you a better person. You can learn to love no matter what kind of mistakes someone makes, and you can learn to hold people at a good standard.


Having equality in a relationship can help you to be able to love someone more. You can see that your partner and you should be on equal measures.

You should have your needs met and they should have their needs met. This is what make you powerful and a team.


Be empathetic to your partner and always show them compassion. When you have empathy, you will see that your feelings can be honest and that you can be loving and caring.

You should expect this treatment from your partner, and you should be able to share your feelings with them.

When You Get Annoyed

Everyone will annoy you here and there. Things that your partner does will be aggravating sometimes. You can be annoyed about the small things that they do like leaving their socks on the floor or not turning on the dishwasher.

Learn to let these things go and remember what you love about your partner. Even when you get annoyed, remember who they are and what they mean to you.

Law of Attraction

Think about how you can use unconditional love with the Law of Attraction. You can be more positive, and you can show the universe that you have love and care inside of you.

You can be compassionate and show others how real love works. Think about how love and confidence go together. Learn to stop struggling and attract love to your life.

Do not forget to love yourself unconditionally and then you will be able to see your dream partner. Do not forget that you love yourself and that you need to be positive when you work towards having a partner.

If you battle with low self-esteem, learn to forgive yourself and others and learn to get rid of blocks that are holding you back in life. You will find the perfect partner for you and you will have unconditional love for them.

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