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How to Know if Someone Pretends to Like You

It is not always easy to read people and to know what they are thinking about you, and this is one reason we are often attracted to people. But it can also be hard to know if the person likes you or not.

Here are some signs that someone might be pretending to like you:

Using You

One of the biggest ways that you can know if someone is pretending to like you is that they use you. Relationships should always be given and take and when someone is always taking, this is a bad sign.

When someone asks for favors all the time and they never come back to repay the favors then this can be a sign that you have a fake friend.

A person that is always complementing you when they need something or calling you for the same does not really want to be your friend. Don’t lie to yourself and make yourself think that they are really your friend. Do not let freeloaders rule your life.

Just to Vent

Another sign is that they only talk to you when they need to vent. When you are friends with someone you should be able to talk to them about everything but when someone only comes to you when they need to talk about someone or about their bad life, this can mean they are using you.

You need to not be the one that always has to deal with the pity parties. This person doesn’t want to be your friend, they just want someone to take out their frustration on.

Don’t Care What You Say

Another sign that someone doesn’t like you is that they don’t really care what you say. They may ask you for your opinion, but they don’t really want to hear what you have to say. Not only do they not want to really hear it, but they also just don’t even remember what you even say.

They will always ignore your advice or tell you that your advice is wrong. Sometimes they might pretend to like you, but they just want to impress you and make you think that they care when they don’t.

Just There When Things Are Good

Some people will only want to be around you when things are good. They want to be part of your life as long as you are helping them or bailing on them when they are going through hard times.

You will probably stand by them even if they are not there for you when you go through things, but that is because you are a real friend even when someone else isn’t.

Perk Friends

Some people are only your friends if they get perks or if they get some kind of status for being with you. If you are popular or people like you then chances are that this is a noticed behavior.

Someone that is fake will only be there if they can get something out of your life and even though this can be an ego boost, this is not a good person to be with. This is actually a problem and is not good for your life.

Body Language

Sometimes you can tell if someone likes you by the way that they look at you. If their eye, contact is not steady, and they are not able to keep their attention on you then this can be a big sign. They might also look past you or keep looking at their phone.

Fake friends are the people that don’t really have anyone because they don’t know how to be real.

Wanting to Be with Someone Else

Sometimes people will come to you, and they will use you to get close to other people in your life. They will befriend you so that they can meet your friend or someone in your family. They might even try to get you to arrange dates so that they can get closer to your person.

This is a shallow way for someone to be and sometimes it can cause you to think you have a friend when you don’t.

Gaslighting You

A real friend will answer you when you talk to them and if you have someone that is there and then ignoring you for a long time then chances are they are a fake friend.

Gaslighting can happen all around you and this can even be when they talk about you behind your back. They want you to make them happy, but they aren’t about doing the same.

This is something you will get tired of fast, and you will realize you have a fake connection with them.

They Say the Same Things

Some people will say the same things to you and to everyone else. This means that they are only an acquaintance and not a real friend. They most likely have their own jokes, and they don’t really want to get close to you.

Once you realize this you can get over them and move on.

Forget What You Say

People that are always forgetting what you say might mean that they don’t really care about you. People that care about you will often have a problem remembering things you say, and they will never remember important times or dates.

When your information is not important to them and they are always forgetting it, it is a sign that they couldn’t care less about who you are or what you have to say?

Do They Like You?

When you look at the list if you have someone being the way that you read about, chances are they are a fake friend. You might not even be close to that person and so it might not bother you, so if you feel that this is how the relationship is, just move on or just take it for what it is.

When someone doesn’t like you, it can be hard to accept, or it can hurt your feelings, but the best thing is to think critically and see if they are even worth your time of getting upset.

If the person isn’t someone that has always been close to you, just move on and don’t let it upset you. Learn to be who you are no matter what and to live your best life, treating people with love and kindness along the way.

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