Understanding Adulthood and Things You Weren’t Told
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Understanding Adulthood and Things You Weren’t Told

As a child or even a teenager, most people think about how great it will be to get older and to become an adult. It is a thought that there is freedom as being an adult and that you can do whatever and whenever you want. Dreaming of becoming an adult and having all the possibilities of life laid before you are something that we have all dreamed about at one time or the other.

Later, as you get into your twenties, you realize that freedom and adulthood do go hand in hand but so do the responsibilities of life. Money is not easy to come by and you have to spend more than you can make, most of the time. Bills come including rent, car payments and other things and the things that used to keep you grounded are sometimes not there to ground you anymore.

Maybe even in your twenties you feel that you were not completely grown but once you finally do and you are spending your money that you earned to pay for life, you realize how responsible you have to be.

Once you get into your thirties, you see that you have to act completely like an adult. This means bills, more bills, buying food at the grocery store and more. You reach different goals in your life and you see that you can make home living great.

There are things that people probably haven’t told you about being an adult and as you go through your life, you find out different things about what adulthood is really like.

Boring Times

No one probably told you that being an adult was going to be boring. You probably expected it to always be exciting and to be inviting but you later find out that being an adult means that you have to be careful about what you spend, you have a lot of debts and a lot of payments and what you look forward to at night is making soup or doing laundry.

Chances are that you realize that you cannot have fun each night because it becomes expensive and that you have to make sure that you always have enough money to make it through the month.

A lot of people in their 30’s have children and they spend all of their time taking care of their homes and their children or waiting on their spouse. Being a mother is definitely not boring but having children means you become a person not just for yourself but for others.

If you are in your thirties though and you have no children and you want to go out and have fun, how do you do it? Chances are that you don’t. Most people will work just to live and maybe enjoy a glass of wine before bed or watching a movie on the couch.

Adulthood is hard but it can also be boring. If you are rushing to grow up, know that you are asking the universe to give you the responsibilities of doing things such as cleaning, cooking, paying bills, working, taking care of debts, shopping, being mad about things such as politics and medical bills and trying to find a job that gives you peace in your life.

Being an adult makes you realize that you want to quit adulthood and go back to the days where you just dreamed of this kind of freedom.

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