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Creative Decluttering Tips

Living a simple life that is not overrun with clutter is an attractive option to many, but then when it comes time to actually live with less, they become anxious and overwhelmed. That is a sad reaction because learning to declutter your home and life does not have to be some overwhelming, painful process. Overall, the benefits are huge and numerous.

Decluttering Benefits

There are so many benefits to owning less, having fewer possessions. These will be shared, but even knowing the benefits, it is often hard to jump into action and actually get rid of things. It does get easier when the benefits start to reveal themselves, so let’s get started on learning the positives of living with less.

  • Less Cleaning – Cleaning is a chore few enjoy, but having to move things to clean around makes it even harder. Instead of moving things around that you have no attachment to or that you actually dislike, get rid of it instead.
  • Less Organizing – Living with less means the things you are looking for are easier to find. Things will no longer “disappear” because they are easy to spot. You will be able to enjoy the space and move around without anything in the way.
  • Less Stress – Looking around and seeing nothing but clutter is overwhelming and often sickening. With less stuff, you will only see the home you love, not stuff.
  • Less Debt – Though it is often overlooked as a benefit, spending less time shopping for material things, and adding to the existing clutter means your bank account remains bigger. Your credit cards will not be growing in interest and you will no longer have an overflowing home.
  • More Freedom Financially – Most American households are living paycheck to paycheck and carrying credit card debt. Decluttering and minimalizing will help you build savings and offer protection from an unexpected emergency.
  • More Energy – With financial freedom and digging out of debt, you can focus on the things you enjoy the most. No more worries about just keeping up, meaning you can just be happy.

Given these benefits, it can be exciting to get started, but where should you begin?

Decluttering Tips

Struggling to get started is often a problem, but a bit of creativity with your plans can get you moving in the right direction. Below are several creative tips to get you started on the decluttering process.

  • Give It Five A Day – Being new to the decluttering life can be tough, but if you can spend just five minutes a day decluttering one small area then it is much more manageable. Momentum will build as you see progress.
  • One Item A Day – Giving away one item each day can declutter a home quickly. One small item each day for an entire year is 365 items. Step this up to two and that is 730 items that you did not need, out of your way.
  • Fill A Trash Bag – This one is fun and easy enough that children can do it as well. Get out a trash bag and set a timer. Fill the trash bag with stuff you can donate as fast as possible.
  • Donate Clothes – This one can take a few months, but is well worth the effort. Hang clothes on hangers in a closet with the hanger backwards. When an item is worn, turn the hanger around. At the end of a few months, donate the clothes on hangers that are still backward because you have not worn them.
  • Decluttering List – Create a list of areas that need decluttered and take it one area at a time so it is easy to mark off what is done. Make the areas as big or small as you can handle.
  • 12-12-12 Challenge – This is a single day, short term challenge that is ideal for kids and adults. Pick out 12 items to throw away, 12 items, to put in a proper place, and 12 to donate and then do so.
  • First Time Visitor – Often we get so used to seeing our home each day that we do not realize what it would look like to a visitor. Enter your home like you are a friend seeing it for the first time. Write down first impressions and then make changes to make it as pleasant as possible.
  • Before And After Photos – Sometimes it is hard to see progress. Take a photo of the area you are working on before cleaning and decluttering and an after picture as a reminder of all that was accomplished.
  • Phone a Friend – Have a trusted friend or family member go through your house and suggest a few big items to toss or donate. If you defend any item, then the friend has to agree with the reasoning or it goes.
  • Four Boxes – Get four boxes and label them as re-locate, give away, trash, keep. Now go through each room and touch every item to put it in the box it belongs in. Do not skip any items, even if they are insignificant. This may take months, but you will know exactly what you have, where it belongs, and what to do.

Regardless of the tips or methods you use to start, the goal is to take the first step in decluttering and do so with excitement. Decluttering can open your world to a breath of fresh air and bring freedom with it. How you do the decluttering is up to you, but definitely get started.

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