Let Go and Don’t Give Up
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Let Go and Don’t Give Up

People that are perfectionists and have other situations often need to let go of things and stop being so stubborn. They get caught up in what is happening in life, schedules they have to meet and unrealistic goals.

This can be dangerous and can cause people to live unhealthy lives. This can cause there to be negativity and make someone miserable and wanting to give up on life.

When things get bad, it can cause us to want to give up and can cause us to experience pain in our lives.

Giving Up

When you have the behavior and thought pattern of giving up, it can be hurtful to your life.

Do not give up hope and learn to live your life without being miserable. You have to think and use your unconscious and conscious mind to help you feel better.

When you feel like you no longer care about things in the world and you feel that you will never get relief, it can cause you to want to give up instead of living a balanced life. This can be one extreme to the next.

Giving up is something that will leave you feeling like your life is empty and that you have no real reason to exist. It can cause you to have bad habits and addictive behaviors.

What Happens When You Give Up?

When you give up, it will cause you to feel like a victim. It can cause you to feel that the world has caused you pain and it can make you feel miserable in your life.

Giving up can cause you to have tantrums and to be passive aggressive. It can hurt you and those around you and it causes you to express anger in unhealthy ways.

Being compulsive can bring about ideas that cause you to not feel like you are living a good life and can lead you to depression.

Letting Things Go

If we hold on to things that hurt us, it can cause us to feel like we don’t fit in this world.

Letting go will cause you to mourn and it can cause you to grieve and to feel like life cannot get better. You might be sad and depressed but when you grieve you can move forward and see that life can get better.

Things sometimes require grieving in order to be let go of. Letting go and grieving will seem terrible, but you will be better, and you can control things in your life.

What Happens When You Let Go?

Letting go can be different for everyone. When you release things, you can find hope and you can learn to push things away that have held you back.

Letting go is natural and can help you to get rid of a burden even if you want to hold on to that.

Letting go helps you to find happiness and helps you to be productive. It helps you to see the reality in your life.

When You Cannot Let Go

When you have a hard time letting go and you find that your life is too controlled by things, you have to talk about them.

Learn to let things go and learn to stop obsessing with things that you cannot change the way that you want them to.

Giving Up

Once you let go and give up, you can find love and better relationships. You can learn to appreciate things more and find that relationships can be easier.

You don’t just give up on people, but you have to give up on things that have held you back and caused you to miss out on things that are good in your life.

Being comfortable is not always the best thing for you and when you get comfortable you probably will soon get numb.

Isolating is one thing that you need to avoid. Learn to get help and seek recovery if you need it. Things are not easy and sometimes letting go is hard.

How to Let Go

The first thing you have to do is to let yourself grieve. Grieve the things you have lost and learn to appreciate the relationships that you had.


Know that life is full of disappointments, but good things will come to you.


Know any anger that you have in your life that you are holding on to. Learn to appreciate the things that you have and stop being resentful.

Know Your Achievements

Do not let your small achievements seem like nothing. Recognize the steps that you make and the good things that you do. Let your identity have value.

Accept Risk

Life is full of risk and you have to learn to accept this risk and to work through it. Life is not full of guarantees and you need to work to do the best you can be.

Embrace things in Life

Learn to appreciate when things change and when you are no longer sad. Do not put this as something small but notice it and embrace it.


Your attitude has to change when you want to let things go. Even when things feel like a major sacrifice, embrace it, and don’t reject it.

Look at things from a different perspective and learn to sacrifice so that your life can have more meaning.

Have Hope

Find the hope that you have deep inside of you. When you want to give up, learn to look at things form a different view.

Life is full of disappointments, but it is also full of hope. You have to imagine that you will be happy and eventually you will get there. Find value in your life and do not hold back from giving up things that no longer benefit your happiness.

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