Ways of succeeding as a working mom
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Ways of succeeding as a working mom

Below are 10 ways I trust working moms can be successful at work:

  • Discover what you enjoy. Share with others your skills, passions, and aspirations. It is only through this that opportunity will present itself.
  • Never rely only on your degree.  Apply for positions across the company to improve on your skills and experience. Never stop learning new things.
  • Be open with your manager. Have a good relationship with your manager so that you can find an easy time discussing your career and how it benefits your family.
  • Identify and reflect on your weekly priorities. Identify top priorities at the beginning of the week and reflect on them at the end of the week.
  • Take note of the goals you’ve achieved. Take note of those distractions that have made it hard for you to achieve your goals. Be confident and ask for help and refocus on your true goals continuously.
  • Let go. It’s never that serious. Things don’t always go as planned. Move on rather than beating yourself up.
  • Be opportunistic.  You don’t always have to plan. Be ready to snatch any opportunity immediately it presents itself.
  • Be organized at home. leave for work when you are organized at home. have a weekly schedule where you have date nights, a meal plan, childcare, travels, etc.
  • Seek the advice of working parents. Take time to locate working parents. Hook up with them and share your ideas and experiences.
  • Mentor and give back. To build a good relationship you need to invest in time. We become more successful when we feel more connected at work.

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